Hit me with you best shot

We’ve got a fairly amazing record when it comes to backing what games are going to be immense. Well, quite good anyway, but if Red Dead Redemption turns out to be as amazing as it looks like it’s going to, then we’ve got three out of three, which isn’t bad, right? So we’re going to put that mighty reputation on the line and say that Mafia 2 is going to a very good game indeed.

Fresh evidence of that comes from the latest developer diary, 'Taking Care of Business', where the team behind the open world crime-‘em-up briefly talk about some of the most important features in the game: namely combat and transport. The cover system looks very interesting, and combined with the destructible scenery and the fact that you can only take two or three shots before you die could make the game a lot more difficult and deeper than its predecessor, and even GTA.

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