The most popular Hindi keyboard apps for Android users

Bilingual speakers and writers have great reasons to celebrate for there are plenty of Hindi keyboard apps for Android phones. Hence, if you like writing texts in your native Hindi, you can do so with little troubles by installing an app to make it easy to type in your preferred language without using complicated conversion tools or plugins.

Apps we like

Here are some of the popular Hindi keyboard apps for Android systems:

  • Lipikaar Hindi Keyboard

Lipikaar is free to use for the first 100 words and afterwards, you have to buy it even if it's only to get rid of annoying ads. It requires no switching or swiping of keyboards. Simply type the Hindi words using your English keyboard and presto, they will be converted into Hindi characters.

  • Hindu for Go Keyboard

An app that’s easy to use, Hindu for Go Keyboard is free. You do have to make sure that Hindi fonts are enabled in your phone for you to use this app.

  • Hindi Covano

This free app allows users to type in Hindi although complaints surfaced that sometimes, only half of the characters appear. All in all, there are mixed reviews on this app with some saying you can’t write decent Hindi at all. Fixes to bugs as well as a dictionary are coming soon.

  • Google Hindi Input

Use this free app if your phone supports Hindi fonts. You can type messages, emails, and post updates on your social profiles in easy motions. This is basically a transliteration app. Type your message using Latin characters and the app will convert it in Hindi.

  • Others

Kannada-Hindi Keyboard for Kannada or Devanagari (Marathi/Hindi) and Panini Keypad are other Android apps you might find useful.The latter allows typing in Hindi and other Indian languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil and so on) with ease.

Multi-lingual keyboard

If you aim to get the best out of an app, you can also go for multi-language keyboards. Another free Hindi keyboard apps for Android users is MultiLing. It supports several languages. It is straightforward to change or customise languages and keyboards with special characters. Users are quite happy and contented with the versatility of this app. Swiftkey Keyboard is a paid app if you’re willing to shell out a few pounds for a multi-language keyboard. TIME Magazine described this app as, “Shockingly accurate, making for a creepy-fast typing experience.”

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