High achiever makes us all look bad

How many of you used to work stacking shelves in a supermarket as a teenager? Plenty, and we'd be willing to put money on some of our readers doing the same tonight. But how many of you went on to become millionaires? Well unless former Tesco employee Mark Radcliffe is reading us right now, then I'd be willing to be none.

However, Mr Radcliffe here has been given the tag of Britain's first eBay millionaire by the trading website, presumably having to disregard a fair number of offshore tax-dodgers in the process.

Mark set up First2Save (which sells accessories for mobile phones and iPods) as a 21 year old a decade ago while he was still working at Tesco, but this year he posted an annual turnover of £3million. Don't you just hate him already?

'I'm constantly re-investing the money back into the business, so we can continue to grow,' he said, talking to the Telegraph. 'Without wanting to sound over-confident there is every chance that we can become the number one eBay seller in the world in the next two years.'

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