Hey! What’s that Nokia bench made out of?

As the Nokia World conference comes to a close, what was the highlight - what’s the only new gizmo the nerdlingers are raving about on the forumns? Is it their so-called iPhone killers the N8 or the C7? Is it their new HD screens on their smartphones? Is it the neat little video calling function? Nope, it’s the Nokia park bench.

But it's not just any old park bench, although if you can get past the brash colours it does look like a normal park bench. The Nokia park bench is made 100% out of recycled Nokia handsets. And if you don’t believe us they’ve even added an idiot proof plaque...‘In memory of your old phones - old phones can be recycled into different things like trumpets, rollercoasters, or even this park bench you’re sitting on’

A pessimist would of course say this isn't the first time a park bench has been made out of old bricks.

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