Price cuts! We love 'em. There's nothing so satisfying as getting a piece of technology and knowing that you've paid £50 or £100 less than if you'd bought it the previous week.

Unfortunately, there's also nothing as annoying as dropping hundreds of hard-earned pounds on a top-end gadget only for the price to be slashed a few days later. Which is why it's become customary nowadays for companies who cut the price of a product to offer some sort of recompense to customers who bought the product just before the price cut.

But what do you do when you slash the price just weeks after a product goes on sale? That's the dilemma faced by HP, who announced recently they're discontinuing their TouchPad tablet less than 90 days since it first hit the shops. They proceeded to slash the price to a frankly insane £89 - down from £399 - and the heavily discounted tablets naturally flew off the shelves. But those who'd spent £399 were understandably annoyed.

Well, to their credit, HP has announced it's going to do right by those buyers, too. Everyone who bought a TouchPad at full price will get a full refund of the difference between the price they paid and the reduced price. You just go to this site and fill in your details.

Of course, while this is great PR, it makes the TouchPad even more of a financial catastrophe for HP. Still, you can't put a price on customer satisfaction... can you?

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