Those of you reading who can remember the joy if hearing the commentators on SNES classic NBA Jam shouting 'IS IT THE SHOES?' will surely be prancing up and down in their frilly knickers at the news that the long-dormant and daft basketball title is making a comeback, this time on the Wii, which surely must be its natural home.

EA have announced that they have bought the rights from Midway (who published the original game), meaning that we'll be getting told that whoever we're controlling at the time happens to be bursting into flames on a regular basis, such dons we are at the game. The game is going to be exclusive to the Wii, which means there will be all sorts of wii-mote fun to be having once the game is released. We can't wait.

EA were just as excited as we are: 'The new title is actually one of the all-time classics coming back to consoles as EA Sports has acquired the rights from the NBA to deliver an updated version of NBA Jam that will ship to retail exclusively for the Wii', they said in a statement. You can almost taste the anticipation, can't you?

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