We’ve been anticipating the re-release of Midway Games’ classic NBA Jam for a little while now, itching for any decent information that we can get our hands on. It’s got so bad that we’ve started wearing basketball kit and shouting ‘FROM DOWN-TOWN’ while throwing rolled-up bits of paper into the kitchen bin. Thankfully we’ve managed to find a decent preview of the upcoming Wii title, on Joystiq, which has stopped us from being so goddamn whacky for a while.

Luckily for fans of the original game, pretty much everything appears to be in place as it was, with the control system set up in such a way that use of the motion control is ‘intuitive’, and a ace graphical update that adds to the character of the game. It looks like we might have a great party game on our hands here.

‘Controls are intuitive and accessible, mirroring those of the original,’ says the review, which you can read here. ‘You can move, pass, swipe or shove (to steal) and use turbo with button presses on the Wiimote and Nunchuck. Shooting and dunking require you to flick the Wiimote into the air to first jump, and then flick it forward to execute the shot or dunk. As in the original game, it's important to time your shot just right, and these Wiimote controls actually felt pretty natural when it came time to put some points on the board.’

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