Here's a video game trailer

There has been a lot of chat recently about turning the iPhone into a genuine games machine that will rival the PSP, smashing it out into the wilderness of ‘things that people in the past used to do’, like ball-in-a-cup or playing Trivial Pursuit. In its bid to crush any competition that stands in the iPhone’s path, Apple have teamed up with Square Enix (the makers of the all conquering Final Fantasy series) to make a 3D RPG that will showcase the portable phone’s gaming potential.

It’s called Chaos Rings, but it's not a morning after the curry night simulator (oh dear - Ed) and quite apart from the name there isn’t a whole lot of info about the game, but seeing as we have a trailer for it, who cares? Watch that instead, and watch us wither and die as the written word slowly becomes obsolete. You heathens, a new dark age is upon us, and it’s all your fault.

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