Here we go again

The tech world is a long series of people ripping each other off and suing each other over it. Each generation's design leader lives off the work of the previous generation, and the previous generation sues them for it.

The current smartphone leader, Apple, only just settled a long-running suit with the previous kings Nokia, agreeing to pay them an undisclosed sum because the iPhone infringes various patents to do with basic mobile phone technology which Nokia holds. And they're already deep into a lawsuit with Samsung, the leader of the pack of Android manufacturers, saying the Korean electronics conglomerate is infringing Apple's patents on the iPhone.

That suit's still ongoing, but Apple has decided not to wait to see how it ends before extending it to other rivals. They've launched a suit against HTC, which is another of the biggest Android phonemakers, alleging it has also copied Apple's designs. And now Apple have taken the suit to the US International Trade Commission.

Where will it all end? Hopefully not in some of HTC's lovely Android handsets being taken off sale, which we're sure Apple would like. More likely HTC will end up writing Apple a big cheque - much as Apple just did for Nokia. And the cycle continues...

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