Here we go again

Oh, lord, anyone else coming down with major deja vu? [Major Deja! - Ed.]

A little over a year ago, as the world waited to see what the fourth generation of the iPhone would look like, an Apple engineer named Gray Powell decided to get drunk with a prototype of the new model in his pocket. It wasn't his smartest ever move. He left it in a bar, it was found, it was sold, and the next thing you know, the details of the iPhone 4 were all over the internet before the damn thing was launched. And you know how Apple doesn't like to be scooped on its own news.

So it's with some amusement that we hear it's happened again. Apple reportedly called a San Francisco police department earlier this week 'wanting assistance in tracking down a lost item,' as the SFPD puts it. Unusually, Apple employees accompanied police officers to the house of the suspected holder of the 'item,' one Sergio Calderon, who was reportedly in the bar where the item is believed to have been lost. (It's always a bar, unsurprisingly.) They searched his place, but didn't find the item, and went on their merry way.

Putting aside the major weirdness of Apple employees basically playing police officers and doing a search, this means there's a prototype iPhone 5 out there. Will it show up on the internet before next Tuesday's Apple press conference? We can only hope so.

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