Here comes some sexy

The launch of Windows Phone 7 last year (ooh, that's the first time we've referred to 2010 as 'last year'!) was accompanied with an impressive array of handsets, from the likes of Samsung, HTC and LG. But they all had something in common - an iPhone-like, slate form factor. Those users who prefer a physical, slide-out landscape keyboard were left hanging.

Well, it looks like the hanging may be almost over. HTC long showed off their Windows Phone 7 QWERTY slider, the 7 Pro, packing a nice-looking full keyboard behind its shiny screen (there's a 5MP camera in there somewhere too), but have been tight-lipped about when we'd actually be able to buy one. Well, according to O2's German website, the 7 Pro will be released in Europe sometime in January.

Of course, that could slip; the phone was originally due to debut before Christmas. But phones are often only finally confirmed days before they hit the stores, so our guess is this is accurate. No details yet on cost, though, of course.

Are you considering a Windows Phone 7 phone? Are you a slider or a slate person? Maybe you'd like a portrait keyboard? Let us know what hot Windows Phone 7 handset you're waiting for.

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