Her, Robot

One day robots will take over the world, claim paranoid delusional madmen who've watched I, Robot and The Terminator too many times. But if this video on the BBC website is anything to go by, what robots will do is fulfil the slightly creepy fantasies of middle-aged Japanese men.

Developers in Japan have created the android in the video - the catchily-named HRP-4C - to be a catwalk model, but as you can see in the vid it looks like a schoolgirl stormtrooper trying to hold in a poo, not an elegant woman modelling the latest in high fashion garms, dahling.

The cost of one of these nightmare-enducing crimes against nature? A mere £140,000. The less said about the inventor the better. Someone needs to tell him that Coppelia and Pinocchio aren't real.

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