Help is at hand for Windows Phone 7 users... eventually

When the list of historic tech releases of 2010 is written, the iPad will surely be remembered, as will, perhaps, 3DTV. What's not as clear yet is the historic significance of another 2010 debut, Microsoft Windows Phone 7. Will Redmond's back-to-basics approach to smartphoning be remembered as the beginning of the giant's comeback in the mobile space? Or as a disappointment that couldn't win significant market share back from Apple and Android? Time will tell, but one thing's for sure: if they want to thrive, Microsoft had better keep topping WP7 up with fixes for its teething problems.

The good news is, such fixes are on the way. A couple of weeks ago ZDNet reported Microsoft's release calendar for WP7, and much is afoot. Early next year, an update should add the much-missed copy-and-paste function and enable a wider range of third-party apps. Then, in summer, a major update is on the way, that may even be called Windows Phone 7.5, according to Engadget. This'll include support for HTML5, enabling the platform to run thousands of web-apps. It'll also bring support for Microsoft's Flash alternative Silverlight, which'll also increase the amount of available software. We reckon it'll have to do a lot of other cool stuff too, to warrant the .5 designation, so keep your ears peeled and we'll tell you more as we hear it.

Oh - but that's not all. Apparently Windows Phone 8 is being prepped for a 2012 launch. By then, the iPhone will presumably be able to pick its owner's nose, so hopefully Microsoft will be able to keep up with progress...

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