Health and safety gone mad!

Oh dear oh dear. Things just keep going bad to worse for Segway. The company, and the weird personal scooter contraption that bears its name, has been a bit of a laughing stock since it launched in 2001 in the aftermath of the dotcom boom. But things have really gone downhill in the last year or so. In December 2009, inventor Dean Kamen sold the company to British entrepreneur Jimi Heselden, who proceeded a few weeks later to drive one off a cliff and die.

Then Segways were banned from UK roads, on the not-unreasonable basis that they go at walking speed and have no indicators or lights. So naturally, Segway owners started using them on the pavement.

But now that's out, too. Phillip Coates, from Barnsley, was fined £75 last year for riding a Segway on the pavement in his home town. He protested, but a magistrate just confirmed that the two-wheeled wonders can't be ridden on the pavement. End of. 'Essentially, Segways are not allowed in the UK,' Gizmodo points out.

But worry not, future-transport fans - Segway is still going strong in the US, which as the palace of laziness is really its spiritual home...

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