Head in the cloud

If you listen to music on your smartphone whilst on the move then this will come as good news to you – Google have announced a new music locker service allowing it's users to store up to 20,000 songs online.

Titled ‘Music Beta’ users will only need an internet connection to stream their entire music collection anywhere in the world, that’s if you have less than 20,000 songs and have actually ripped them all to your computer. With Amazon Cloud, Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple’s rumoured iCloud in the domain, the market leaders obviously think over-the-air music streaming is the future rather than cramming all and sundry onto your mobile device, and they’re obviously right. As long as you live in an area with excellent 3G connectivity then it’s a no brainer, but as many parts of even the UK have poor phone reception and zero internet connection, it’s clearly in it’s Beta stage, hence it’s name.

You can watch the demo of Google Music Beta at google.com at 5pm UK time.

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