Want to see your HDMI signal on two devices at once?

In the past splitting video signal to distribute it among two or more displays often proved to be more trouble than it was worth. With analogue signals the picture quality often became degraded after the signal had been split, resulting in two sub-par pictures. Thanks to HDMI splitters however, things have certainly taken a turn for the easier.

The most common use for this procedure would be to display the picture from one device, say a satellite receiver or media centre, on multiple televisions throughout the house. Obviously there are other ways to accomplish this, but they tend to involve exorbitant fees, additional set top boxes or pricey multi-room subscription packages - and in the current economic climate these are luxuries that few can justify.

Fortunately, for the knowledgeable ones who take the time to explore their options, there is another way. This way comes by virtue of the HDMI splitter. Taking the original HDMI signal, these splitters then multiply and redistribute the signal through additional HDMI connections. The most common form of HDMI splitter is the splitter box, a small unit with one port for the input source, and then a port for each of the outputs (how many the device contains will depend on how much you're looking to spend and how many TVs or displays you would like to distribute to).

The HDMI splitter comes in a second flavour too, the splitter cable. Slightly messier than the splitter box solution, this option is comprised of a single HDMI connection that is fed from the device you would like to distribute, and then splits off into two separate HDMI connections, each of which can be plugged into a device to display the picture.

So, if you've been considering getting a second subscription to your cable or satellite to enable you to watch it in multiple rooms, perhaps give the HDMI splitter option some consideration. You won't be able to watch different channels at the same time, but at least the whole house can enjoy the programming you're paying so much for the privilege of having.

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