What is a hdmi output and how best to use it?

Long gone are the days of grainy images and black and white TVs, now modern TVs offer incredible clarity of picture and it is all thanks to the humble HDMI Output.

HDMI or high definition multi-media output is the digital standard for carrying higher definition images that the current generation of audio visual technology has adopted.

This standard, which was developed in 2002, is the replacement for the previous set of cables such as SCART or coaxial cables because of its capacity to carry large volumes of information that is needed by high definition images.

Getting geeky for just a moment, HDMI Output is between 480i and 1080p, this means 480 lines of images interlaced or 1080 lines of image progressively scanned, the latter is much much better for image definition. By comparison a PAL TV signal has less than half of the pieces and therefore shows much less detail.

Hdmi Output is now being used on a wide variety of entertainment devices such as games consoles like the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3 as well as Blue Ray DVD players. Even some of the latest laptops have HDMI output as standard now. This standard means that you can now plug any of these devices into a standard HDMI port using a HDMI cable.

The confusion over which connection you have, be it SCART, RCA or S-Video cables and which corresponding port or connector is required is a thing of the past. Now you can plug your laptop straight into your HD TV via a HDMI cable and HDMI output and enjoy glorious HD images on your large screen.

We think you will agree that this is an incredible move forward and one that we whole heartedly endorse.

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