Devices that use a HDMI cable

Building yourself a new home entertainment centre is a joyful experience! There's a million and one different possibilities for what to make, and which systems to include.

At the heart of your new centre is likely to be something along the lines of an LCD Television, games console (or two), Blu-Ray player, DVD player, and perhaps a hard-drive based media player.

One thing links all of these inventions, and it's the humble HDMI Cable. This magic little cable is the utility man of the home entertainment world, it simply does everything you could possibly think of! Whether you want to hook up a DVD player, or a games console, it's likely the best way to do it is via a HDMI Cable.

Before splashing out, it's worth checking if your new TV has HDMI ports. Most recent LCD Televisions have HDMI ports as standard, with some models packing two or three to allow for extra flexibility.

Home consoles such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 also ship HDMI compatible, and from our personal experience, it's the best way to hook them up to a Television.

Also, an important point is that you don't need to spend the earth on HDMI Cables. A cable worth five pounds will do EXACTLY the same job as a much more expensive type. Don't get fooled by the hype!

If you buy from reputable sellers, eBay is one of the best place to pick up a cheap HDMI Cable, and save some cash on store prices in the process.

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