Hawley gigs with cigs in Second Life

Singer-songwriter Richard Hawley, formerly of Pulp and now of, well, Richard Hawley, has found a way to hang on to his trademark fag-on-the-go performance style in the face of England’s smoking ban – by performing in Second Life.

The singer gave a live concert from a studio in Manchester, with sound streamed to fans in Second Life and his movements digitally captured and reproduced by an avatar. The avatar was able to light up and rest the smouldering cigarette on an ashtray, just as he did in the studio.

So is Hawley at Radiohead levels of geekdom? Not quite: “I’ve got three kids,” he said. “I’m still trying to get my head around my first life never mind a second one.”

(Image: from ericskiff’s Flickr stream)

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