Have you played Wii Sports Resort yet?

If you have a Nintendo Wii, then have you sampled the delights of Wii Sports Resort yet? This revolutionary games introduced the world to Nintendo's new "Wii Motion Plus" controller and has been wowing gamers since it launched in 2009. In this blog we are going to try and sell you on the merits of Wii Sports Resort so you don't miss out any longer.

Everybody on earth has seemingly played the original Wii Sports, after all, it came bundled with the console. However, Wii Sports Resort improves upon the original in every possible way, introducing better graphics, a more refined control system, and even a much larger variety of sports for you to try your hand at.

The all new "Wii Motion Plus Controller" comes bundled with the game, and it is essentially an add-on for the existing Wii-Mote that gives you an even greater degree of motion control. With this new controller slight flicks of your wrist can be picked up by the controller allowing for much more nuanced control, and allowing sports like Archery and Basketball to make their Wii debut.

As the game has been out a couple of years now, it is possible to pick it up for an absolute bargain price! We recommend checking out the price being offered by Amazon at amazon.co.uk as they are offering Wii Sports Resort right now for just £34.31 with free delivery, making them by far the cheapest retailer in the UK.


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