Have more fun with a Wii compatible laser mega blaster

If you are running out of game ideas for your Nintendo Wii then let us introduce the Wii compatible laser mega blaster, it will breathe new life into your old box of tricks!

The Nintendo Wii has easily been the most successful console of this generation, and it's down to the unbelievable choice of games on sale for the system. The scope for developers to experiment with the system meant they created some outstanding efforts and this manifested itself in the impressive amount of gun games on sale.

In this blog we're going to show you the stunning range of Wii Blaster games available, starting out with a classic from the Resident Evil franchise called - The Umbrella Chronicles.

This game is an on rails shooter, in which you'll be mowing down hordes of the undead as you bit to escape from the plague that's crippling Raccoon City.

Another classic shooter available for Wii gun buffs is House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return. If you've ever spent time in an arcade, you'll be familiar with this on rails shooter. Again, you'll be mowing down the undead horde, but the gameplay never feels repetitive.

If zombies aren't your thing, then check out the slightly more conventional Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. This game pits you in a soldiers shoes, and you have to fight your way through a war to survival. Highly recommended!

Zelda Crossbow training is another favourite of ours, and it comes packaged with the Wii Crossbow accessory, check it out today!

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