Have mobile, write novel

We are grateful to those clever people at Language Log– incidentally, our very favourite blog for all things to do with language – for opening our eyes to the whole phenomenon of cellphone novels.

That’s right, novels written entirely on mobile phones. It’s not just one or two people doing it, either: the 2007 bestseller list in Japan was full of novels originally written on mobiles and then republished in book form.

If You, for instance, a “story of tragic love between two childhood friends”, was tapped out over six months of commuting time to a part-time job, then uploaded on to a site for wannabe writers by author “Rin”. It has since sold 400, 000 copies and reached number five on the 2007 bestseller list.

Blimey. The pads of one’s thumbs ache at the very idea…

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(Image: from r3v || cls’s flickr stream)

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