Have iPhone will travel

Apple’s increasing dominance of every aspect of our daily lives could soon be spreading into the way we travel. That’s the thesis of unashamed Apple enthusiast Jonny Evans of Computerworld.

He recently surveyed the possibilities of accomplishing nearly every aspect of a typical travel experience with an iPhone, from taking the train to the airport to checking in at a hotel.

The technology will soon be in place that will allow iPhone users to pay for travel tickets using the contactless credit systems pioneered by Barclaycard. Let’s gloss over the considerable security concerns at the moment, and get to the airport.

Evans anticipates the tweaking of Near Field Communications technology that will allow travellers to check in and choose their airline seats with just a casual wave of an iPhone, where all the booking details have been downloaded.

In this Utopian future, effective retina-scanning technology will allow the techie traveller, having already blinked into their webcam perhaps, to swan through security and customs and straight onto a plane where they can integrate their iPads with the on-board entertainment system.

At their destination, smartphone maps help tourists navigate around a strange city and apps offer advice on restaurants and sightseeing and even translate local menus or street signs. The SpeechTrans software that is in development will allow you to speak into your phone and have it translate your words into the local language. Which is a little classier than shouting "Do you speak English" at everybody.

It all seems like an idyllic future world of instant digital information and seamless travel, until you consider one crucial little detail that Evans fails to address. What if you lose your iPhone?

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