Have a helping hand

A demo for FIFA World Cup 2010 should be on Xbox Live and PSN by the time you all get home from work, or already on your Xbox 360 or PS3 if you’re a feckless student, not doing any studying or work. Unbelievable laziness. Anyway, EA have released a little vid explaining their new two-button control system, which is designed to bring people who are intimidated by sports games into World Cup fever. Which we feel is a very nice touch indeed.

As you will see if you watch the vid, the system seriously helps the novice player, making the passing and shooting heavily assisted, as well as the tackling. Depending on the situation the game will decide what sort of pass you should be playing, and the same goes for shooting. However, it still allows for manual adaptation if you’re feeling a bit fruity, and want to take matters into your own hands.

Even though we are against EA’s insistence on putting out a separate World Cup game every four years, this one does look like a lot of fun, so we’ll let them off.

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