HateWithFriends: new app detects Facebook friends who don't like each other

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A new app called HateWithFriends is able to detect those Facebook friends who mutually hate each other. Then it warns them, and let them decide what to do about it.

All you need to do to find out who your true enemies are is to log on the website http://www.hatewithfriends.com/ with your facebook account. Once logged in, you will be confronted with the complete list of all your Facebook friends, each accompanied by the “hate him/her” button.

Now, if you have been a wise Facebook user, you will probably just be overwhelmed with love at the sight of all your friends' profile pics, and could by no means associate any of them with the word 'dislike', let alone 'hate'.

It's more likely though that you'll find a bunch of faces in your list that don't quite inspire you with such a positive vibe. Ok, great: this is the chance to get it off your chest. Simply flag your 'friend' with the hate option, and in case that person has flagged you too, you will both receive a 'hate-warning' mail.

Ok, so you both know you detest each other, what next? You have two choices: you can either stay true and nasty, and cancel each other from the list of friends, or you can go on quietly hating each other on Facebook by sending a virtual gift.

HateWithFriends is a pun on sexy-poke Bang With Friends that lets you find out which of your Facebook contacts are after something rather more saucy than polite smartphone chat.

Also, the app was developed by Chris Baker who previously created the Unbaby.me plug in for Chrome. Unbaby.me is a useful little tool that replaces pictures by your contacts you could not care less with images of things you like a lot.

So, clearly HateWithFriends is on the fun side, and it's hard to believe that it will make a big impact on Facebook users. Especially because if you really dislike someone, you can easily and happily delete him/her form your list.

On the other hand though, finding out what really goes on under the politically correct surface of social media 'friendships' is potentially priceless... I think I'll give it a go.

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