Hasbro and EA look to challenge Scrabulous

Electronic Arts and Hasbro are set to release an official version of Scrabble for Facebook. The move is the latest attempt by Scrabble's copyright holders to challenge the popularity of Scrabulous, the unauthorized version of Scrabble available to Facebook users.

Back in April Hasbro announced that they were set to release an authorized version of the popular word game for Facebook. Unfortunately for Hasbro, the official version still isn't available on Facebook and can only be played via Pogo.com, EA's online gaming site.

Hasbro still haven't pulled the plug on Scrabulous for breach of copyright but they may try and have the Facebook app closed down now that an official version of Scrabble is in the pipeline. But any move to shut down Scrabulous is sure to anger its 518,641 daily users, the potential target audience for EA's version of the world famous word game.

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