Harry Potter mania begins, WebTwitcher disturbed

I was going to do a nice little post this morning about the announcement of the final installment of Harry Potter, scheduled for release on the 21st July. About the mystery that will do doubt build up around book seven, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as clever marketing and PR folks spin out the story to its inevitable midsummer climax. The first of which has emerged today as a note signed on the back of an ornament in the stunning Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh.

I would have pointed you to the interestingly designed Harry Potter website, which you could have spent a few minutes on a Friday morning exploring.

But then, I saw some disturbing pictures on the Sun's website. "Harry Potter and the Buff Bod", and my concept of good and evil; black and white has been temporarily overturned. Thus rendering it impossible to expand any further on the theme.

Except that now I've also just found one New Yorker who's initiated a "Countdown To Harry Potter's Legal Age" on her blog, so that she can be alerted as to when Daniel Radcliffe turns 18, thus allowing her to try and seduce him. IT'S HARRY POTTER. This is just so wrong.

I guess seeing as I've looked into it now, I may as well point all you Harry Potter fans to the excellent Leaky Cauldron blog while I'm on the topic. Add the feed to your Excite MIX page while you wait for the group of speed reading Potter Bloggers to initiate the blogathon review in July.


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