Hard to Vita

Now look. We reckon we know a thing or two about this technology lark. And every now and then, we offer the tech companies a share of our wisdom for free. Aren't we nice? So last week, when we pleaded with Sony not to make good on the rumours and call their new portable console the PlayStation Vita, we were confident they'd listen to us.


Officially announced with much fanfare, the PS Vita is pretty much unchanged from the previews we saw a few months ago when it was known merely as the New Generation Portable. That gorgeous five-inch OLED screen is still there, as are the dual analogue sticks and the slightly random second touchscreen on the back. Pleasingly, the reports are that despite being big, it's surprisingly light - 'the plastics used in its construction make it seem lighter than the PSP or even some of our weightier smartphones,' reckon Engadget.

Want one? Well, it won't be out until about Christmas, and the signs are it'll cost £250, which is more than we'd like. But there's no other way of getting this kind of raw power into your hand (oo-er).

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