Find the best hard drives

There is no worse feeling than leaving your laptop in to get fixed and they replace the hard drive without backing up what was on your computer and you lose everything. People lose what was on their computer much too often, you should back everything up from your computer onto an external hard drive.

They aren’t overly expensive but can give you peace of mind. On your computer you might have some home videos, some pictures, work, presentations and the latest series of Top Gear illegally downloaded (naughty!). If you don’t back these up on an external hard drive you could lose all that, your work, presentations all gone and you will have to start from scratch again.

External hard drives are a very good idea to back everything up. Just plug it into your computer and copy, it doesn’t take long and then if you do lose all your stuff from your computer it is backed up.

Currys have a wide range available, they sell both desktop external hard drives and portable external hard drives. The dektop ones tend to be cheaper than the portable ones. They have a 1TB western digital desktop external hard drive going for £44.99. A 1TB western digital portable hard drive will cost £74.99.

If you will be using it to just back up a computer, getting a desktop external hard drive might be better because they are cheaper and you would have no need to move it often. If you work on a laptop and use other computers and want to link up the hard drive to a TV it would be better to get a portable hard drive, although more expensive it is much easier to carry and move about.

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