Happy Birthday Zelda!

1986 was a pretty great year. Spain joined the EU; Kodak left the instant-camera business after losing a patent battle with Polaroid; the Channel Tunnel was announced. And that was just January! Because that's as far as we could be bothered to read on the Wikipedia page for 1986.

But in February 1986, something immensely important happened - the Legend of Zelda was released! Yes, it's 25 years to the day since the finest RPG series of all time - in the view of everyone apart from weird Final Fantasy nerds - began. Since then, there've been a whopping 18 sequels on several different consoles - from the Gamecube to the Phillips CDi, whatever that was - as well as a cartoon series. Altogether, the series has sold a whopping 59 million copies.

Let's celebrate by watching a fake trailer for a non-existent Zelda film. Yay the internet!

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