Happy as a twit

If you think Twitter is for time wasters or celebrity show offs then you’d be wrong; boffins at the University of Edinburgh are also partial to the odd tweet. Students there even went so far as carrying out research to discover who the happiest celeb twitterer is.

The science (we’re being polite) behind their landmark discovery (we’re being sarcastic) was based on word patterns pinpointing their underlying emotions to determine their relative happiness of each celebrity. One of the boffins, Ed Cochrane, said their work was 'serious'. So without further ado here are the top 3 happiest celebs who use Twitter:

1. Basketball player Shaquille O'Neale

2. Cyclist Lance Armstrong

3. Presenter Jonathan Ross

Snoop Dogg was the least happy, apparently. By jove, a science experiment about who the happiest celeb is on Twitter? Almost as much nonsense as most of their tweets.

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