Handheld supercomputers a tiny step closer

A team of engineers at Edinburgh University has made a technological breakthrough that could see the power of handheld computers vastly increase within the next decade or so. The researchers have used software to model the behaviour of the tiny wires needed to make handheld supercomputing a reality; wires whose diameters are measured in millionths of a millimetre.

The problem was that these wires take on “very weird shapes” (to use the technical term) when bent. Apparently very weird shapes are not good.

The crack team of boffins, led by Dr Michael Zaiser, showed an admirable commitment to plain speaking when describing their research. “Holding a supercomputer in the palm of your hand will one day be possible,” said Dr Zaiser, “and we are going to make sure all the wires are in the right place.”

Next project: making sure everything is the right way up.

(Image: from scjody’s Flickr stream)

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