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Aw, snap! Microsoft just called out Apple big-time. He be trippin.'

OK, we can't talk hip. But this is still quite fun news. Microsoft is desperate to convince the world that its strategy for selling tablets - essentially 'stick Windows 7 on tablets and hope for the best' - is the right one to take on Apple's iPad and its cut-down, touchscreen-focused OS. So it needs the current crop of Windows 7 tablets to be what no other Windows tablet has been before: a big success.

And it seems they're prepared to get a bit bitchy to do it and point out what they see as the flaws in Apple's tablets loud and clear. In this new advert produced by Microsoft to advertise one of the new Windows 7 tablets, an achingly trendy young artist - at least, achingly trendy in Microsoft's weird world, where old-style graffiti art is still cool - ethuses about how his gigantic Asus Eee Slate is a 'real' computer. 'The good thing about the Eee Slate is it's a full computer -- you know, it's Windows 7. I've got everything I need. I'm not limited to, like, what applications I can put on it and I don't have to go to an app store,' our afro'd guide explains. 'I put Photoshop on this thing!"

Subtle as a brick. Check out the whole odd affair below.

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