Ladies, please! There's a marvellous catfight brewing online, folks.

When you join Facebook, as you may remember, you're offered the chance to log into your email account to be automatically connected to email contacts on the site. For lots of people, 'your email account' means Gmail, which means Google.

Well. Google has decided it doesn't think this is such a good idea. A change in the terms of service of its 'Contacts API' means that companies can only use it to suck in a user's Google contacts if that company lets its contact details be exported. Facebook, of course, doesn't, so bye-bye checking which of your GMail contacts is on Facebook.

Or not! Because Facebook isn't going to let a little thing like Google's rules stop it. Facebook has just started telling users to upload a spreadsheet of all their GMail contacts instead. A spreadsheet which can be downloaded from... er.... GMail.

Keep an eye on this little spat, folks. It could be seriously entertaining: lawsuits and all sorts could follow. Users' contacts are becoming valuable information as the web becomes more social, and companies are going to become much more protective of it.

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