Halo Xbox 360 and the future of shooters

Halo Xbox 360 has been the biggest success story for Microsoft and Bungie. They have made fortunes off this franchise and the fans simply can't seem to get enough of the Master Chief's adventures. Well, Bungie can and they have. Last year they announced that Halo Reach would be the last of the series that Bungie will produce.

So what exactly does this mean? While Bungie are the creators of the Halo world they have given Microsoft the ability to keep creating games within the universe. They just feel that they need to move onto something new after Halo: Combat Evolved in November 2001 all the way through to Reach in September 2010

We have already seen one release in 2009 by Ensemble Studios know as Halo Wars. This was a great effort from the first outside studio. They managed to make a great RTS work on the console and did the game justice with their own take on the story set before the original game.

This would give some hope to fans that maybe another studio can really produce a good Halo game. Regardless of Ensemble's offering though, you can't help think that the franchise should stop when its creators flee the scene!

Bungie's starting point was with a very similar concept know as Marathon. this was a pretty popular FPS that had a lot of the features that would later be implemented in Halo. They also made cult hit Oni which was an anime inspired 3rd person game.

The strangest thing is the fact that they have moved from  Halo, an open world first person shooter to what sounds like another open world shooter on a larger scale. Why make another more expansive MMO experience in space when the Halo fans are crying out for more immersion into the Halo universe?

Halo has paved the way for many if not all FPS games especially in multiplayer format. The question is, with the Halo and safety net left behind can Bungie make the same impact on the gaming world again? We'll have to wait and see!

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