Everything you need to know about Halo on Xbox 360

Halo has been Microsoft's flagship franchise ever since it launched the big black box of tricks - the original Xbox, almost a decade ago. In that time there's been five entries to the Halo xbox 360 franchise, and each of them has kept the high standard all of the way through.

All of the Halo games, except for the final two - Halo ODST and Halo Reach, follow the adventures of genetically modified super soldier Master Chief. Our protagonist is tasked with helping to repel the invasion of a technologically superior alien race, although the plot does get a little convoluted towards the end!

The final two games in the series branch off, following a bunch of faceless and nameless soldiers, as it seeks to give a slightly more personal feel to the massive space opera taking place.

Stunningly, all of the games in the Halo series scored brilliantly, with developers Bungie never dropping the ball over the course of their ten year tenure. A huge part of these scores is the game's hugely addictive online portion!

Every day, thouands of gamers log on to the Halo servers to spend a few fun hours leaping around causing carnage as Master Chief. The maps and weaponry are all excellent, and it's so good it should carry a health warning!

If you haven't sampled the delights of these stunning games, then we can't recommend them enough. Delightfully, almost all of the Halo games can be picked up at bargain prices, with the original still compatible with the current Xbox 360.

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