Halo, would you like some news?

A double whammy of Halo related news today. First up we’ve received word of the latest developments regarding the forthcoming Halo: Reach, which is sure to send fans of the FPS franchise giddy with delight. Game Informer has carried an article (check the link for scans) containing all kinds of tasty news snippets, which can be boiled down to these handy bullet points. Hooray for handy bullet points!

  • Six times as many Spartans on the field
  • Set days before the events of the first Halo
  • Huge scale combat
  • A sense of Reach under siege
  • Cinematic tone of up close war journalism in camera movements
  • A more serious approach to the franchise
  • The Health bar drains after your shield goes like in the first Halo
  • A brand new weapon called Marsman Rifle
  • A plasma pistol, sword and needler are also mentioned
  • Only frag and plasma grenades return
  • The story is of a six-man Team Noble
  • Focus on making the Covenant dangerous and fighting again
  • Armour abilities replace equipment
  • Four-player campaign, two player co-op split-screen, save films, 16 player deathmatches

All of which sounds rather interesting, does it not? The next piece of Halo news is that Reach is already old hat, because Microsoft are looking for people to work on the next installment. That’s because working on Halo: Reach is soooo 2009. Scanning the job ads, some clever snoop has found the following passage:

‘Do you love Halo? Do you want to be part of the creation of a new game in the Halo universe? [We’re] looking for a talented, experienced development lead to help create the next generation of Halo tools and technical infrastructure.’ Interesting. Very interesting.

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