Well, here's a rare thing: a slice of straight-up, no-downside good news. Mobile operator O2 wants to take some of the burden from its mobile network by getting people using Wi-fi, rather than mobile data, when they're out and about. But people don't use the free BTOpenzome wi-fi many O2 users have access to, because it's fiddly and they don't know about it.

So O2 are building their own wi-fi network in thousands of bars, restaurants and shops across Britain. And using it'll be free. And because they want it to be easy to use, they won't be restricting it to O2 customers.

That's right: lots more free wi-fi everywhere. For everyone.

We told you: good news!

O2 reckon it'll take them a year or two to get the network fully up to speed, by which time they'll have more hotspots than their major rivals, BT and The Cloud. So, we guess that's sort of a black spot: we'll have to wait a bit. But still, yay! And if this means O2 customers get better service when they do use mobile data, then yay for that too!

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