Half a story

We’ve heard some silly game-related stories in our time, but this one has to take the cake... away from the fatty who claimed she lost eight stone with Wii Fit, but who actually lost her weight by not eating anywhere near as much food as she used to shovel down her throat. Stop press: eating less and exercising more leads to weight loss in most people.

According to the News of the World, 38 year old Lara Roberts was 18 stone a year ago, but with the help of her wii-ing she shed that weight to become the sort of sexy slinky mum that all teenage boys secretly dream of in the most shameful moment alone. In reality, she lost the weight by not consuming a preposterous 4,000 calories a day as well as exercising, which is all very well and good, but as much down to a change in attitude as the games themselves.

‘I'd have a cooked breakfast most days and cheese sandwiches and pizza for lunch,’ she said to the tabloid. ‘And I snacked constantly on biscuits and crisps and cakes and got through litres of fizzy drinks a day. Nothing could fill me up.

Amusingly, Lara, who now says she is an exhibitionist whose 15-year-old daughters’ mates fancy her, is appearing on BBC3 programme I’m Hotter Than My Daughter soon. Way to give your teenage daughter’s self-respect a boost, it sure won’t have any effect on her attitude to food or anything like that. Oh no.

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