Hacking: now it's Apple's turn

It's funny how the big concerns of the tech world tend to go in waves. If 2010 was the Year of Privacy, for example, 2011 is shaping up to be the Year of Hacking.

We've already had the hacking of Amazon, Sony - leading to the disastrous month-long shutdown of the PlayStation Network - and Nintendo. And now it seems Apple could be next.

Hackers have posted 27 usernames and passwords, apparently taken from an Apple website, on a text-sharing site. The title of the file - 'Not yet serious' - suggests a threat of a more wide-reaching attack.

As CNET argues, the implications of a Sony-size attack on Apple is pretty terrifying - especially as the company has just launched its new 'iCloud' web service. 'We're imagining the App Store offline for a month, iCloud spilling personal data all over the shop, and iPhones becoming sentient and turning against their masters,' they joke.

Hopefully this is an example of a benign attack, aimed at exposing a security hole which Apple can now patch. But just in case, you might want to make sure your Apple password is different to that you use anywhere else.

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