Hacked to death?

Activision and Treyarch have suffered some terrible problems over the last couple of days, mostly due to the fact that someone has managed to pirate Call Of Duty: Black Ops a few weeks before its release. Apparently a copy of the final disc found its way into the hands of a notorious hacker who goes by the name of Ungodly Leaker, after a thief stole copies of the game from a pressing plant in Alabama, and has since been illegally sold to gamers in the US.

This means that gameplay videos of the game have popped up onto the internet, which by extension means that we can check out what the game is going to look like. The vid we have here is from the ‘Gun’ mode in multiplayer, in which players cycle through a series of weapons every time they kill someone. It looks like good fun, although the annoying ease with which people can kill you with a knife (and in this case demote you back a weapon) is still there. We look forward to pumping someone full of bullets, only to be stabbed just before they die over the next few months.

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