Ha dou ken!

It wasn’t that long ago that you could get the hell beaten out of you by a 2D Japanese manga character with numb-chucks in 3 minutes for the bargain price of 50 pence. It's now 20 years since the first Street Fighter game hit those arcades and for approximately the same price (59p maybe) it's going to be possible to play it on your phone. It's funny what the future throws at you isn’t it....?

IGN are reporting that Capcom, the geeks behind Street Fighter, are going to launch SFIV for the iPhone, iPod Touch and therefore presumably the iPad in March. The same format of beating up foreigners for no good reason but to make you feel superior is expected with some new characters as well as old faves Ken & Ryu. The new (old) game will also allow users to play against each other over Blootooth.

We’ll keep you posted as and when Ceefax hits the app store.

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