Guns n Roses iPhone app

We have to be straight with you here. A Guns n Roses guitarist has brought out a guitar tuning application for devices such as the iPhone but it isn’t Slash, in fact it’s not even stand in axe-man Buckethead.

D.J. Ashba is the guitarist in the latest Guns n Roses guise to launch his very own guitar tuner app. And why not, when you can use the GnR brand to increase sales? (And, judging by early sales that is indeed what it’s all about....)

According Blabbermouth, the Ashba Tuner app has been downloaded a whopping 3 million times in a little over a week. Priced at £1.79 it's proving to be more than a tasty little money spinner. The inventor gloated about the good news: ‘I decided to create a professional guitar tuner app because I wanted to design a tuner that not only would be useful to guitar and bass players, but to professional guitar and bass techs as well. I teamed up with Curious Brain to help me create what I feel is the ultimate professional guitar/bass tuner application out there’.

Of course if you have an iPhone and can play guitar you could always download one of the many free guitar tuner apps on the market. Such as that from leading guitar manufactures, Gibson. Just an idea.

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