Gun crime - video games to blame?

Whenever there is a tricky social problem to deal with, it’s always easier to roll out a scapegoat than actually tackle the issue. This is never more true when talking about the subject of human beings inflicting violence on each other.

Gun crime is currently becoming a big problem in our cities, so of course you’d expect the Home Office Affairs Select Committee to search for an adult solution to the problem. But no; Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester East and known game hater, was leading the committee and twice brought up video games as one of the reasons for gun crime. Amazingly Sue Fish, one of Britain’s leading anti-gun crime coppers agreed with him – scary times.

‘I think, as a human being as much as a police officer, that the two are not incompatible,’ she said. ‘My sense is that I find (violent video games) extremely distasteful, and I cannot help but feel that they cannot help the situation.

‘The level of ambient violence, as well as extreme violence, in society today is a real issue not only in gun crime, but across the whole spectrum of violent crime. As for the question of whether there any evidence or any research that indicates that, not that I have been made aware of.’

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