Still lots of fun to be had with Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero for Xbox 360 and Playstation is one of the biggest contributions Activision have ever made to the gaming industry. When you think music peripheral, you think Guitar Hero.

That little plastic guitar with the crazy coloured buttons took off like a rocket after release on the PS2 in November 2005. The original Guitar Hero was an instant hit. It was picked up so quickly and developed an insane fanbase within a matter of weeks after release.

People couldn't get enough of the idea that they could become bedroom rock stars, thanks to this, a Behemoth in the gaming industry was formed.

This powerhouse had countless releases and once it got to the 360 and PS3 the game looked unstoppable. With consoles like the 360 and PS3 opening up the ability for downloadable content the beast's true abilities where shown.

Countless upgrade packs and songs were available for download at a small fee which people were perfectly happy to pay. Characters and other DLC were available in the PS3 store and on the Marketplace, as soon as something good went up, everyone had to have it.

The demand grew higher though and Guitar Hero had to make a quick tactical change to keep up with it's new competition, EA's Rock Band.

Rock Band was basically Guitar Hero except now you could play the bass, the drums and belt out a tune with the mic peripheral. This made Activision do a complete overhaul of Guitar Hero, adding these other instruments was now a necessity.

They never really kept up after that fist hit from EA, especially when EA announced The Beatles Rock Band. This was a Beatles specific version of Rock Band that was a huge success.

It seems that people could be growing tired of this type of gaming. The love of playing in a virtual band seems to have lost it's pull with the crowd. While Rock Band still tries to re-invent itself, Activision pulled the Guitar Hero franchise before they started haemorrhaging money.

There is no way that the genre is dead, but Guitar Hero's day in the sun has truly set.


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