Guitar Hero, RIP

Alas poor Guitar Hero! The rock simulator started a revolution when it was first released in 2005. But all things must pass and, after disappointing sales of Guitar Hero 5, developer Activision have shut the series division down.

Now, we hear that the DJ Hero division - the spin-off series where you spin a sort-of-real turntable - is being cut but not shut, so it's not the end for games with Hero in the title. But still, it's bad news for guitar fans, and good news for rivals Harmonix, makers of the Rock Band series.

Of course, it's a sign of how successful Guitar Hero was that it even had its own division. Video games aren't like TV series, they don't have to be cancelled; they can just fade away. We don't remember seeing a press release when the decision was made not to make any more sequels to Rise of the Robots. (Look it up, young people.)

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