Guardian dumps Phorm

Well, look what public pressure can do.

Yes, we hate Phorm. But the world is full of things we hate, most of which are still embraced with open arms. Fast-food chains serving moist, luke-warm burgers, for example. Really uncomfortable shoes. Big Brother.

So it’s a delight to watch Phorm crashing, burning, and hopefully fizzling out in a smoky mess of unemployed advertising execs.

First there was the TalkTalk opt-out system. Then there was Sir Tim’s understated outrage. And it just keeps coming.

The latest casualty is Phorm’s contract with the Guardian website. The liberal newspaper has ditched plans to let Phorm put targeted adverts on their site, not wanting to tarnish their liberal image. They’re the first of Phorm’s commercial partners to pull out – the first of many, perhaps.

It’s interesting to see what people value. After all, everyone has their shopping monitored by Tesco Clubcard or Sainsbury’s Nectar Card. But internet use, apparently, is sacrosanct.

We wonder how many of Phorm’s detractors are just paranoid about their “other” Internet habits.

(Image: from gigijin's flickr stream)

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