Guardian comes to Kindle, iPad and Android

Ah, the old question - will internet kill the newspaper, or invigorate it? One of the papers that's in the more optimistic camp is the lefty Murdoch-baiting broadsheet The Guardian. They've famously committed to keeping their website free, while others are erecting paywalls.

But when it comes to portable devices, The Guardian sees a chance to make some cash. Its popular iPhone app costs money, and now they've announced an iPad big sister for it.

It sounds pretty, nifty, though they've made one controversial decision. 'Rather than simply replicate the newspaper design for iPad, this project has provided an opportunity for us to redesign the newspaper exclusively in tablet form,' they say. 'The app will deliver a single daily edition of content, specifically curated for iPad.' That's the controversial bit - why not regular updates through the day? The answer, presumably, is that this is to be seen as a digital version of the newspaper, rather than an app version of the website.

But that's not all. The iPad isn't the only great white hope of publishers - the Guardian's also (belatedly) launched a Kindle subscription service. We rather like the idea of browsing through the paper on the train on our Kindle, but is it worth £9.99? What do you think?

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