GTA V stock market guide: how to make big money in the game

In GTA V everything’s about the money. If you want a diamond-set excessive lifestyle that buys hot cars and hotter woman, then you’ll need the cold-hard cash to make things happen. Following this GTA V stock market guide will bring you everything you want in the game as long as you’re willing to do whatever it takes.

Two stock markets

Grand Theft Auto 5 has two stock markets. The LCN is influenced by events within the game and the BAWSAQ which is affected by the dirtiest-dealing players. Influencing the latter is difficult, but you can have an effect on the LCN.

GTA V stock market guide

As with real life, events in the game influence the prices reflected on the stock market. If bad things happen, then prices drop. Unlike real life, you can influence the market directly by taking action. If you invest your hard-earned money in the automobile industry when the market’s low and sell when it’s high, you’ll make a killing but you’ll have to put in the work beforehand.

Automobile industry

Pick a brand. The brand doesn’t matter, but decide on a favourite and then do everything you can to smash, break, destroy and ruin their cars whenever you see them. Be a one-man wrecking machine who torches, smashes and ruins every car from your chosen brand you come across on the roads and driveways. The stock price will plummet. When you’ve had enough of the carnage, buy the stock at rock bottom prices and then go around making the same mayhem with any rival car brand to knock their valuation down. Your car brand will go up in value which is when you sell.

Final word

You can do the same with other businesses and expect the same results. Breaking up all of the CoolBeans outlets when you own shares in BeanMachine, or going postal in GoPostal when you’ve got shares in PostOP will also boost your Grand Theft Auto V cash reserves. If you follow this GTA V stock market guide, you’ll be in the money. Who said that crime doesn’t pay?

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