GTA V on the way?

There’s nothing quite like baseless speculation for whetting our gaming appetites, especially when it’s about our favourite gaming franchise of all time: Grand Theft Auto. So you’ll excuse us for jumping to massive conclusions following the leaking of some suspiciously GTA-sounding characters, for as far as we’re concerned this is the new GTA, right?

The ‘news’ comes from serial leaker Superannuation, who found via Google a casting call for an ‘interactive project’ called ‘Rush’ from Telsey & Company, a firm regularly used by GTA developers Rockstar, in which we see the following list of characters. The fact that most of the characters are set Los Angeles stereotypes would then lead us to suspect that the new GTA is going to be a San Andreas-style West Coast adventure.

By the way, people who think this could be the casting call for Agent: as an astute observer on the CVG comments says, Agent is set in the 70s and one of the characters is an online FPS obsessive. So there. What do you reckon, readers?

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